#10 Powerful ways to build backlinks to boost your SEO


Organic SEO is the practice of ranking your website on Google utilizing quality content, Good backlinks, and adhering to Google’s preferences.

Getting backlinks should be utilized after you have determined the best keywords to target to gain traffic and lead generation. 


Finding the best keywords to use should be done before you start your online business. 

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The next step is determining how difficult outranking the top results would be. This practice can be determined using free online tools. 

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What are backlinks?


Backlinks are when a third-party website puts a link back to your website on their website copy. 

The quality of a backlink is determined by the domain authority of the website linking back to your website. 


The goal is to have many high DA websites referring to your website as an authority in your industry.

The number of backlinks a third-party website has on their site also determine the effect the backlink has on your domain authority.


The more backlinks a third-party website gives out the less of an impact they have on your domain authority if you get a backlink from their website.  

An example would be getting a backlink from a government website that has a domain authority of 80 and only has given one backlink. This backlink would have a very big impact on your website’s domain authority. 



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Why are backlinks so important?


Backlinks are so important because they directly affect your domain authority. Your domain authority is one of the largest factors Google uses when ranking a page on their search engine. 


#10 Powerful ways to build backlinks to boost your SEO



1.Ask your friends, family, and clients for backlinks 

If your direct network runs a website with high domain authority then providing them value with a guest post or helping them fix a broken link by placing your own would generate your backlinks. 


2.Reach out to Industry Publications and Websites 

Website developers running other websites are a great option when looking for people to contact for backlinks. You want to target another website within your industry and offer a blog post or some other value in return for a backlink. Some websites offer backlinks for a price.


3.Guest Post on Blogs

Guest posting is the practice of writing a blog on another website for a backlink. 


4.Repurpose your Content 

Taking a blog post on your website and turning it into a Pinterest, Facebook post, youtube video, podcast, or any other kind of listing online will generate your website backlinks. 

The backlinks will not affect your domain authority greatly but still have a small impact. 


5.Be a Guest on a Podcast 

If you have the opposite to be on a podcast the host may allow you to add a backlink on their website or podcast channel page. 


6.Write High-value comments on websites – do not spam websites 

Answering a question in a high-quality manner on Facebook groups or Reddit posts and casually adding your backlink will provide value and get you some extra traffic. 


7.Use social media profiles 

Most social media websites allow you to add a link to the biography. When you create a new blog post you can add the link to your profile page. This will show Google you promoting your blog and increase the traffic they send your way. 


8.Look at your competition 

You can use free backlink checking software to see what websites your competitors are using for backlinks. 

You can reach out to those websites your competitors contacted and see if you can provide them with more value to secure the backlink. 


9.Turn brand mentions into backlinks 

Some websites may refer to your brand without providing a backlink. Locating the mention and asking them to include a follow backlink is a great practice. 


10.Interview an Industry Expert

Interviewing industry experts generates great traffic and quality content. Those industry experts may want to promote the interview. Providing them with a backlink to use for promotion is a great way to gain industry validity on their website. 

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